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Deployment Benefits:
• Easy configuration for real-time decisions
• Modular design = numerous scenarios
• Accommodates singles, small and large families
• Temporary to semi-permanent solution
• 2-3 person, 1 tool assembly
• Lightweight for easy install
• One POD set-up: approx. 90-120 minutes
• Dustless, clean installation
• Color-coded framework = fast install

Design Benefits:
• Expanded PVC wall panels
• Powder coated, stainless steel frames
• Rigid & durable
• No floor anchors: Self-supporting design
• Chemical resistant for sanitation & easy cleaning
• Dent & scratch resistant for repeat use
• 25 lb. load-bearing shelf with hooks for personal belongings
• ADA compliant
• ASCE-7/16 & IBC 2018, exempt

Made in the U.S.A.

Wildfires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, all predicted at above average for 2020, cities, states and federal agencies are developing new ways to prepare for displaced populations with social distancing top of mind. Rapid Response, Modular Room Systems by Harbor allow for real-time configuration and deployment decisions.

Response and recovery planning during Covid-19 consists of new challenges, as social distancing requires more space for displaced individuals and families. While large convention centers and arenas can house vast amounts of people these venues often carry to breakdowns with food supplies and basic hygiene facilities. Smaller venues like highschool gyms and YMCAs are preferred.

Prior to the social distancing needs brought on by Covid-19 a highschool gym could hold an average of 90 cots. Social distancing spacial requirements take this relief response down to approximately 44 cots. With the Rapid Response, Modular Room System by Harbor, with a conservative room configuration a highschool gym can hold 68-110+ cots.

For more information on this temporary to semi-permanent wall partition, modular room system, please call: 1-800-968-6991 -OR- EMAIL: Sales@HarborRetail.com (SUBJECT LINE: RAPID RESPONSE, MODULAR ROOM SYSTEM)

2020 is slated to be an above-average natural disaster season.
Response readiness scenario planning now includes an added challenge of providing adequate shelter with social distancing requirements to combat the spread of Covid-19 among large groups. This challenge means an increase in shelter locations, types of shelters and an increased speed to response. Rapid Deployment, Modular Room Systems by Harbor offer more than an immediate shelter for displaced populations after a natural disaster. These room systems support the community approach to combating the spread of Covid-19 while managing an instant influx of displaced persons across any wellness state: the healthy, the vulnerable and the unwell. The configuration options of the Harbor Rapid Deployment, Modular Room Systems allow agencies to leverage one type of room kit to create multiple, indoor, social distancing scenarios:

• Maximizing budget = One purchase for multiple scenarios

• Reducing operational management = Simple, rapid deployment

• Creating deployment and shelter management efficiencies= Instant & easy configuration options

Beyond typical displaced population shelter set-ups, the Rapid Deployment, Modular Room Systems by Harbor are also used to:

• Reduce shelter decompression challenges by maximizing shelter accommodations

• Provide physical distancing barriers to minimize contact among occupants

• Create separate quarantine areas

Rapid Deployment, Modular Room Systems • Typical high school gym = 110’ X 60’ • Regulation basketball court = 96’ X 50’ High school gyms and smaller venues like YMCAs and other shelters are preferred.

2020 Shelter Venue Challenges:
FEMA and the Red Cross try to avoid large structures such as sporting arenas due to the breakdown of food supplies and basic hygiene facilities. But, when disasters occur, the displaced population will be sheltered in whatever venue is available, due to challenges like:

• Population size.

• Proximity to other major cities.

• Shutdown of major highways due to water, fire or other dangers, make getting to inland shelters difficult for displaced populations.

IDP Social Distancing Challenges:
Spacing cots six feet apart limits venue capacity and monitoring social distancing is an added safety protocol for volunteers and relief workers.

The Solution:
High school gyms and smaller venues like YMCAs and other shelters are preferred (Weather Economy).

Rapid Deployment, Modular Room Systems

• Typical high school gym = 110’ X 60’

• Regulation basketball court = 96’ X 50’


Pre Covid-19: 90 Average cots

With Social Distancing: 44 cots (a 50% reduction)

With Modular Rooms by Harbor: 68-110+ cots


SOURCES: Weather Economy, CDC, NOAA, National Interagency Fire Center, IDMC, III


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